ZERO-sugar / Keto Assortment Box

ZERO-sugar / Keto Assortment Box

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Imagine an assortment of fine chocolates that have absolutely no added sugar, no fructose/glucose/maltitol and essentially zero net carbs!  Perfect for anyone that is diabetic, KETO diet, or otherwise avoiding sugar.

We use a proprietary blend of NATURAL sweeteners that in the proper combination has no aftertaste, no digestive discomfort and a very mild & pleasant taste. This includes stevia, monkfruit, erythritol and allulose (derived from raisins).

Chocolates made with heavy cream, butter, nut-butters, natural oils for flavor, vanilla bean.  We also made the chocolate itself was from 100% cacao and our sweeteners.

Flavors in this collection:

  • Orange Ganache
  • Peppermint Ganache
  • Butter rum caramel & almond gianduja (made with real rum)
  • Espresso bean coffee ganache (made with organic espresso beans)
  • Cherry ganache hearts
  • Orange Bavarian cream