About Us

I became interested in chocolate in 2010, when my then 10-year-old son wanted to start a lemonade stand.  I quickly talked him into making chocolates and found that I was, perhaps, having even more fun than he was. So while he was dipping Oreo's, I was making my first truffles.

In 2016, it became official, I traded my 30 year career as a corporate CEO in the mobile technology field to pursue my passion of becoming a chocolatier.  See LinkedIn for more.

I use fresh, wholesome ingredients.  I use real cream in my fillings, I make all my own caramel, and I make everything from scratch.  I don't use preservatives or stabilizers.  I also generally use less sugar in my confections than other's do so you really taste the flavors, not just the sweet.

Together with my wife, Nikki, we are constantly on the hunt for quality confections around the world that I can recreate for you. We're also looking for new recipes, new flavors and new inspirations. 

I'm doing what I love, making chocolates & confections for my friends!