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Host a Chocolate Tasting Party!

Here's how it works
1. Schedule a date & tell your friends.
2. Konny will personally come to your home or business to prepare & serve a complete tasting of chocolates & confections. 


Your Party!

  • Konny will prepare his Spicy Mayan Sipping Chocolate for you & your guests.  You can drink it straight or add a liquor for a little more excitement!
  • discover the distinctions of fine couveture chocolate and experience some amazing flavor profiles
  • enjoy a freshly prepared chocolate ice cream dessert drizzled with fresh caramel sauce, all made right in front of you!
  • Indulge in a complete sampling of truffles with fresh ganache fillings made with real cream.
  • Taste deep, dark chocolate like you've never had before with ridiculously intense flavors balanced by dried fruits & nuts, including chocolate sweetened with honey, agave and other non-sugar sweeteners.

There are so many ways you can experience chocolate! It's always more fun when you're amongst friends and trying something new!

That's why we offer private tasting parties, so you can learn and experience chocolates & other confections in whole new ways.  A Tasting Party is a great way to meet new people who will share your passion for chocolate and all that it brings to our lives.  And when we pair chocolate with wines, brandies, cheeses, bread, ice cream and more, you'll celebrate its versatility with us!

Chocolate has an amazing history that dates back over 3000 years that pre-dates the Mayans.  Since then, almost every country in the world has embraced it with its own culture and significance to holidays and special occasions. The more you explore, the more fascinating it becomes.  The world loves chocolate!


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