Shelf Life

Many of our fine chocolates have soft-centers made with cream, often referred to as ganache centers.  A lot of factors affect the shelf-life of these types of truffles.  Our goal is to produce truffles that have a minimum shelf-life of 3 months at room temperature.  So you can be confident knowing that if you are purchasing a gift that there is ample time for shipping, storage and time enough to enjoy them.

We do not use artificial preservatives in our products.  Instead, we employ professional confectionery techniques of binding any free water with sugar molecules (easy, right?).  We also boil all creams, butters and similar dairy items before using them.

We batch freeze chocolates to preserve them prior to packaging & delivery. We can guide you through this process if necessary, but don't recommend you do it at home. You can also refrigerate chocolates to extend shelf-life but chocolate picks up odors easily so if you're going to refrigerate, we strongly recommend you plastic wrap the box completely before doing so and allow the chocolates to return to room temperature before removing the plastic wrap.

As chocolates age they lose some of their flavor, so don't let them sit around your house too long in any case.  If you ever have a question, or you're just not sure about something, just contact us and we're glad to help!