Pistachio Kanafeh Bar - PREORDER - ships July 29

Pistachio Kanafeh Bar - PREORDER - ships July 29

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This is my version of the trending candy bar made famous in Dubai.  It is not an exact copy, but it is meant to be authentic in every respect.  It does have my own touches.

First, I grind the pistachios with a stone grinder for over 24 hours so that they are silky smooth.  I add sugar and toasted sesame seeds (tahini) as well as a touch of cocoa butter.

Second, I gently toast kataifi dough with butter / ghee so that it turns a golden brown and gets a nice, crisp crunch.

The bars are decorated by hand using colored cocoa butter. They are then formed in either milk or dark chocolate, then filled with the pistachio paste & kanafeh.  For authencity, you will see my name printed on the bottom of each bar in colored (edible) cocoa butter.

Order now and they are scheduled to ship the week of July 29th